4th International March for Freedom

SATURDAY 22 OCTOBER 2011, 3 p.m.

The Liberal Culture Association SOCIETA’ LIBERA, independent and non partisan, has organized for a long time events aiming at safeguarding the principle of Freedom, considered  both as an individual right as well as the right for the self-determination of Peoples.

Società Libera, being consistent with its own conception of Liberalism, which acknowledges a supremacy and a central role to the Person and to his natural rights, has been promoting for three years the International March for Freedom in Rome. This is a silent demonstration that aims to rally public opinion in defence of the freedom of Burmese, Iranian, Tibetan and Uyghur Peoples, and to give a wider visibility to whoever is fighting for freedom in the world.

Considering the worsening  condition of human rights in the world, it is not enough to show a general solidarity or to demonstrate separately  for single situations.

It is high time that squares in Europe fill up with people who are aware of this . It is high time for the Western world to shake up and concretely arise interest and awareness about the living condition of hundreds of thousands of people. It is high time that Europe and supranational organisms are encouraged to take a position in defence of minorities, not least the Christian minority.

It is time for Europe to institute and celebrate the European Day for Freedom of Oppressed Minorities and Peoples.

With these purposes in mind, Società Libera appeals to the peoples of Europe, to the communities of Oppressed Minorities and Peoples and to media organizations, so that a wide and unitary movement can start from Berlin, Paris and Rome, making everybody  aware that the defence of Human Rights is an international priority.

Società Libera

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The flyer of the march can be downloaded here.