Demonstration at 16:40 (10 Dec 2009) on Odeonsplatz in Munich

10 December 2009 is the 61st Anniversary of the International Human Rights day

The Uyghur community in Munich is mobilizing to denounce the daily violation of the fundamental rights of the minorities, by the People’s Republic of China. Hundreds and thousands of demonstrators have been arrested, imprisoned and have disappeared following their participation in the demonstrations on 5 July 2009 in Urumqi, not to mention the acts of carnage performed by the Chinese army during these events. To this date, we have no valid information of the victims of these events. There is still complete block out of all communications between East Turkestan and outside world.

Before the silence and helplessness of the free world, China continues to pursue “Strike Hard Campaigns” all across in East Turkestan. 17 Uyghurs have been executed within 3 months and thousands of Uyghurs have been swept up in “enforced disappearances” in Urumqi, Kashgar and other cities since 5 July 2009, in large-scale sweep operations and targeted raids.

In order to denounce with force the impunity and fatalism contained in the Chinese repression, we look forward to your presence and message of solidarity and encouragement on this International Day of Human Rights in Munich.

The demonstration will be staged

on 10.12.2009

at 16:40

on Odeonsplatz in Munich