World Uyghur Congress Newsletter No. 9 (April 2011)

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Photo: National Geographic

Urgency Resolution of the European Parliament on the Situation and Cultural Heritage in Kashgar

Human Rights Violations Against Uyghurs Discussed During UN Human Rights Council
New Death Sentences in East Turkestan

WUC Expresses its Solidarity with Japan
Letter to German Minister of Foreign Affairs
WUC on Twitter

Publication of First Dutch-Uyghur Dictionary
Tibetan National Uprising Day: Demonstration in The Hague
Uyghur Newruz Celebrations
World Day Against Cyber-Censorship: New RWB Report
3rd Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy
WUC Project Coordinator at Interfaith International Event
Meetings with UN Special Mandate Holders
Uyghur Human Rights Project at Dutch Parliament
Worldwide Readings for Liu Xiaobo
Uyghur Leadership Training Seminar, Australia
WUC Secretary General in Japan
Conference on Central Asia, Berlin
Rebiya Kadeer at Presentation of New Amnesty International Report

Second Uyghur Youth Meeting, Sweden
Exhibition Opening
Xinjiang or East Turkestan? Thoughts on the Uyghur Homeland
Second Uyghur Youth Meeting in Sweden
East Turkestan Uyghur Summit
World Press Freedom Day 2011

Highlighted Media Articles and Reports on Uyghur Related Issues
Tursunjan Hezim Given 7 Years
Uyghur Prisoner Mehmet Eli Rozi Denied Medical Care
AI Report: Death sentences and executions in 2010
HRIC Releases Whitepaper on the Shanghai Cooperation Organization

More Media Articles

(The full newsletter in pdf can be downloaded here)

[Published: 08 April 2011]