September and October 2013 Newsletter

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 Top Story

  • Uyghur Human Rights Situation Addressed at China’s UPR, and Undergoes a Gruelling Review by the UN CRC

Featured Articles

  • Chinese Mission Attempts to Curtail Freedom of Expression During UPR
  • Crackdown on Uyghurs in East Turkestan Intensifies
  • Job Discrimination Getting Worse for Uyghurs
  • Experts Question Motives Behind Tiananmen Square Incident
  • New Report Highlights Chinese Media Censorship,  Access to Truth of Human Rights Violations Against Uyghurs in China Curtailed

 Media Work

  • WUC Spokesman Interviewed by OnIslam
  • WUC President Interviewed by The Diplomat
  • WUC President Interviewed by Deutsch Welle
  • WUC Spokesman Interviewed by The Guardian
  • WUC Spokesman Interviewed by CNN and The Diplomat
  • WUC Spokesman Interviewed by Al-Jazeera
  • WUC Executive Chairman Interviewed on Tiananmen Incident
  • WUC Spokesman Interviewed by East Online and VOA (Chinese) on Tiananmen Incident
  • WUC Urged International Community to Express Concern as China Targets Uyghur Communities
  • WUC Spokesman Interviewed by NDTV
  • WUC Spokesman Interviewed on Tiananmen Incident by VOA Tibetan
  • WUC Spokesman Interviewed by Epoch Times
  • WUC Expresses Deep Concern on China’s Election to the UN Human Rights Council

 Upcoming Events

  • UN Forum on Minority Issues Set to Take Place

 Past Events

  • WUC Engages in Advocacy Visit for China’s UPR
  • UEAS Learn about Uyghur History
  • Uyghurs Hold Global Protests Against China’s Human Rights Abuses
  • WUC Vice-President Gives Speech about Uyghur Human Rights Situation at Conference
  • WUC Delegation Meets with Vice-President of Turkish Parliament
  • WUC Vice-President Lectures Students at Sulayman Demirel University
  • WUC President Makes a Statement on Eid al-Adha
  • WUC President Meets with OIC Secretary-General
  • JUA Organised Conference in Tokyo
  • WUC Representatives Attend March for Freedom of Oppressed Minorities and Peoples
  • Uyghurs Protest Outside UN During China’s UPR
  • WUC Representative Gave a Lecture in Murakami on the Destruction of Uyghur Culture
  • WUC Vice-President Gives Lecture at Mustafa Kemal University
  • WUC Representative Speaks at Conference in Nagoaka
  • ETCSA Organises Protest in Ankara
  • WUC Vice-President Gives Lecture at Gediz University
  • Uyghurs Commemorate East Turkestan National Day
  • WUC Executive Committee Meets in Washington
  • WUC Affiliate Organisation Arranges Lectures in Germany
  • WUC Protests Outside Chinese Embassy on East Turkestan National Day