WUC Quarterly Newsletter 2013

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Top Story

  • WUC Concludes Conference on Human Rights In China

Featured Articles

  • Ilham Tohti’s Ordeal Endures as China Clamps Down on Him Further
  • 6 Uyghurs illegally Deported
  • Rebiya Receives Prestigious Award and Participates at FIDH Event, Oslo, Norway
  • Uyghur Mother Detained for 8 Months Emerges
  • Urumqi Residents Suffering from Rising Food Costs and Rising Pollution

Other News and Sources

  • NED Holds Conference, ‘China at Tipping Point?’
  • Leading Chinese Scholars Call for China’s ICCPR Ratification
  • Turkey Abandoning the EU for the SCO
  • Nur Bekri ‘Re-elected’
  • Hacking Intensifies Against China’s Critics, Including Uyghur Activists

Media Work

  • WUC Spokesperson Dilxat Rexit Interviewed by NTDTV On Chinese Espionage
  • Rebiya Kadeer in French Press
  • WUC Spokesperson Speaks to RAFTO on Uyghur Human Rights Situation
  • WUC President Interview by Belgian Press, La Libre
  • WUC Condemns Sentencing of 20 Uyghurs

Past Events

  • UN WGAD Decides on Case of Gulmira Imin
  • WUC Representative Speaks at EU Parliament Conference
  • Turkish Opposition Leader Briefed on Uyghur Human Rights Situation Before Official Visit to China
  • East Turkestan Union in Europe Elects New President
  • WUC Spokesperson Criticises Chinese Government for Equating Uyghur Human Rights Movement with Terrorism
  • Sweden Uyghur Committee and East Turkestan Foundation Elects new Leadership
  • Uyghur Culture Centre opens in Washington
  • WUC Research Center Representative Attends Conference
  • WUC Representative Speaks at EU Parliament Hearing on Repression of Religion in China
  • WUC Spokesman Speaks at Panel Discussion
  • Ghulja Massacre Anniversary
  • JUA Holds Conference on 16th Anniversary of Ghulja Massacre
  • WUC President Delivers Speech at Women’s Rights Event
  • WUC Vice-President Participates in Panel Discussion
  • ETF in Turkey Organises Event in Ankara
  • WUC President Attends Meetings During Visit to France
  • WUC Representative Presents Report
  • WUC Vice-President Delivers Speech on Repression of Uyghurs During Rally
  • WUC Vice-President Attends Conference
  • WUC Representative Presents Report at Conference
  • WUC President Delivers a Lecture at Duke University
  • WUC President Releases Statement on International Women’s Day
  • WUC Vice-President Delivers Speech at ConferenceWUC Representative Discusses Issues with Tibetan Representative
  • WUC Delegation Holds Meetings at European Parliament
  • Newruz Celebrated by WUC Affiliate Organisations
  • WUC Representative Delivers Speech in Tokyo
  • WUC Spokesperson Interviewed on Nurmamat Yasin’s Case
  • WUC Vice-President Delivers Speech
  • 23rd Anniversary of the Barin Uprising Commemorated
  • WUC Vice-President Holds Several Events in Japan

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