WUC Newsletter November 2012

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Top Story

  • WUC Executive Chairman granted entry to US

 Featured Articles

  • Security Crackdowns as New Chinese Leadership Announced
  • Chatham House Releases Comprehensive Report on China at the UN Human Rights Council
  • Veil-lifting sparks unrest
  • Study shows discriminatory practices and repressive crackdowns fuelling Uyghur discontent
  • Issue of organ harvesting of Uyghurs raised in Scottish Parliament

Upcoming Events

  • Uyghurs Set to Demonstrate on UN Human Rights Day

Media Work

  • Rebiya Kadeer Publishes Article in Wall Street Journal

Past Events

  • WUC Representatives Attend German Human Rights Committee
  • WUC Representative Attends Meeting of Turkish Nationalist Movement Party
  • Uyghur Canadian Society Vice President Attends Press Conference Attended by Uyghur, Tibet and Pro-Democracy Organisations
  • Uyghur American Association Congress Staged
  • Uyghur Organisations Commemorate Establishment of East Turkestan Republics
  • WUC Delegation Meets With Prominent Turkish Politicians
  • Uyghur Canadian Society President Meets With Former Canadian Ambassador to China
  • Dutch East Turkestan Uyghur Association Stages Cultural Evening
  • WUC makes statement at UN Forum on Minority Issues in face of Chinese protests
  • WUC Delegation Attends UNPO General Assembly

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