WUC Newsletter September 2012

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  • WUC Set to Stage International Conference on Impact of Leadership Change on Uyghurs


  • FIDH Releases Report on the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO)
  • Abdukerim Abduweli’s Health Deteriorates in Prison
  • Detained Uyghur Christian Leader Refused Access to Lawyer
  • German Chancellor Merkel Urged to Raise Press Freedom
  • Uyghurs Rights Mentioned at the 21st Session of the Human Rights Council


  • WUC Condemns the House Arrest of a Forcibly Disappeared Uyghur’s Mother
  • WUC Warns of Recent Rise in State-Sponsored Hacking
  • WUC Calls for Redress on the UN International Day of the Victims of Enforced Disappearances


  • 5th International March for the Freedom of Oppressed Peoples and Minorities


  • US Congressional Hearing on Organ Harvesting
  • WUC President Slams Beijing’s Repression in East Turkestan
  • WUC Spokesman Concerned about New Law
  • WUC Vice-President Attends Turkish-Turan Congress in Hungary
  • Uyghurs Congratulated During Ramadan
  • Egyptian President Urged to Raise the Issue of Religious Freedom for Uyghurs
  • WUC President Rebiya Kadeer Calls on Clinton to Raise the Uyghur Human Rights Situation During State Visit to China UCA Engages in Cultural Activities
  • SUEA Participates in Cultural Exhibition in Stockholm
  • WUC President Expresses Solidarity Towards Collaborate with Internet Security Organisation at Seminar
  • SUEA Attended Conference of Victims of the Global War on Terrorism
  • WUC Spokesman Warns of Worsening Situation in East Turkestan
  • WUC Representative Makes Case for Freedom and Democracy for Uyghurs
  • Uyghurs Participate in Central Asian Football Tournament in Norway
  • WUC Holds its Executive Committee Meeting in the Netherlands
  • WUC Spokesperson Calls on International Community to Act Over Environment Degradation in East Turkestan
  • WUC Delegation Meets with Dutch Political Party to Discuss Uyghur Human Rights Situation
  • WUC Delegation Meets MEPs in Brussels

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