WUC Newsletter June 2012

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  • Rebiya Kadeer Re-elected President of WUC, 6th Leadership Training Seminar Successfully Held


  •  Renewed Sino-Israel Relations Draws Scorn fromHuman Rights Activists
  •  China Steps Up Pressure on Rebiya Kadeer’s Sons
  •  Google to Prompt China’s Netizens on Censored Words
  •  China Exerts its Pressure On Japan
  •  China Rejects US Affirmation that Human Rights Has “Deteriorated”


  •  WUC Strongly Condemns the Death of Uyghur Youth in Detention
  •  WUC Denounces the Continued Imprisonment of Ershidin Israel
  •  China Steps Up Pressure on Rebiya Kadeer
  •  Rebiya Kadeer Pays Homage to Fukushima SurvivorsWUC Successfully Concludes its 4th General Assembly
  •  WUC Opens its 4th General Assembly with Widespread Media Coverage
  • WUC Announces its Forthcoming 4th General Assembly and Leadership Training Seminar


  • WUC Representatives to Meet with Uyghur Community in Munich, Germany
  •  20th Session of Human Rights Council due to Commence
  • WUC Representatives to Deliver a Speech at Swedish Parliament


  • Ittipak Uyghur Society holds ‘Uyghur Culture Day’
  • Finland East Turkestan Association Presents Uyghur Culture at World Village Festival
  • Uyghur Canadian Society Elect New President
  • Ittipak Uyghur Society Raises Awareness of WUC’s General Assembly
  • WUC Representatives Meet Uyghur Community in Kazakhstan
  • Uyghur American Association Organises Protest at Washington China Embassy
  • Australian Uyghur Association Meets with Uyghur Community in Adelaide
  • WUC Delegates Meet with Uyghur Community in Oslo

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