Democracy & Human Rights: Uyghur Leadership Seminar in The Hague

UNPO, 3 May 2007

UNPO together with the World Uyghur Congress is organizing a seminar series in which Uyghur participants will be trained and educated in issues such as human rights, democracy, non-violent methodology and international law. The seminar for present and future Uyghur leaders starts in The Hague on Sunday 06 May 2007 with a cultural event, held in collaboration with local NGOs.

The Uyghurs are indigenous inhabitants of East Turkestan in China and are victims of ongoing repression, including culturally destructive assimilation policies and substantial restrictions on their basic freedoms. The goal of the event is to provide present and future Uyghur leaders with tools and knowledge to effectively participate in international institutions which can promote their cause and find effective ways to protect and promote their human rights.

On the programme are a series of activities including seminars, workshops, educational visits to institutions of international law, as well as the European Parliament in Brussels. Lectures will cover topics such as human rights advocacy, grass-roots democratisation campaigns, and non-violent organisation and action.

In collaboration with Selam Netwerk who is kindly hosting the event along with Stichting Oost Turkistan Nederland and the Turks Islamitische Stichting a Cultural Welcoming Event with music and performances will be held in The Hague on Sunday 06 May 2007 to welcome participants.


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