The Congressional-Executive Commission on China issued its 2011 Annual Report on human rights conditions and the development of the rule of law in China

Congressional-Executive Commission on China, 10 October 2011


CECC — The China of today is vastly different from that of 30  years ago, when major economic reforms began, and even 10 years  ago, when China acceded to the World Trade Organization. More  people in today’s China enjoy an improved quality of life,  economic freedoms, and greater access to information via the  Internet and other communication technologies. But economic and  technological progress has not led to commensurate gains in  China’s human rights and rule of law record.

In the areas of human rights and rule of law this year,  China’s leaders have grown more assertive in their violation of  rights, disregarding the very laws and international standards  that they claim to uphold and tightening their grip on Chinese  society. China’s leaders have done this while confidently  touting their own human rights and rule of law record. This  year, officials declared that China had reached a “major  milestone” in its legal system and made “remarkable  achievements” in carrying out its 2009-2010 National Human  Rights Action Plan, asserting that “civil and political rights  have been effectively protected.” China’s leaders no longer  respond to criticism by simply denying that rights have been  abused. Rather, they increasingly use the language of  international law to defend their actions. According to China’s  leaders, today’s China is strong and moving forward on human  rights and rule of law.


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