WUC Newsletter No. 13 (August 2011)

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Map: RFA (modified by WUC)

Top Story
Statement by WUC President Rebiya Kadeer about Kashgar attacks

Featured Articles
WUC Strongly Condemns New Extraditions of Uyghurs from Pakistan to China
Uyghur Refugee Nur Muhammed Turned Over to Chinese Officials by Thai Authorities

Media Work
UAA Press release on Kashgar Incident
International Media Interviews with WUC Leadership

Past Events
Demonstrations on Hotan Incident in Germany, Austria, Sweden, Turkey and Japan
First Action on China-Culture-Year in Germany
Uyghur Youth Football Cup
Activities by the Japan Uyghur Association on Nuclear Victims in East Turkestan

Upcoming Events
WUC Organizes Iftar Dinner in Munich
18th Session UN Human Rights Council
IV International Uyghur Women’s Seminar
4th International March for Freedom of Oppressed Peoples and Minorities

Highlighted Media Articles and reports on Uyghur Related Issues
Western companies profit from state development in East Turkestan
Article by UHRP Project Manager in OpenDemocracy
Security and Islam in Asia: lessons from China’s Uyghur minority
USCIRF Calls on China to End Violence and Restrictions in Uyghur Muslim Areas

More Media Articles

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[Published on 16 August 2011]