Chinese Authorities Detain Uyghur Web Editor at Beijing Airport

RFA, 30 September 2013

Authorities in China’s capital detained an editor of a well-known Uyghur website over the weekend on charges of “attempting to escape the country” before releasing him following pressure from a number of prominent activists.

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Population Control Is Called Big Revenue Source in China

The New York Times, 29 September 2013

BEIJING — Nineteen province-level governments in China collected a total of $2.7 billion in fines last year from parents who had violated family planning laws, which usually limit couples to one child, a lawyer who had requested the data said Thursday.

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Family of ‘Disappeared’ Uyghur Youth Made Homeless by Officials

RFA, 27 September 2013

Authorities in the capital of northwestern China’s Xinjiang region have ordered a landlord to evict a Uyghur family from their rented home as punishment for having questioned officials over the fate of a family member missing since deadly ethnic riots rocked the city four years ago.

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Uyghur Traditional Medicine Doctors Tested in Chinese

RFA, 25 September 2013

A licensing exam requiring doctors of traditional Uyghur medicine to answer questions in Chinese is threatening the future of the indigenous medical practice, according to doctors from the ethnic minority group in China’s northwestern Xinjiang region.

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China’s Crackdown Prompts Outrage Over Boy’s Arrest

The New York Times, 24 September 2013

BEIJING — In their widening campaign against online “rumormongers” and other putative purveyors of social disorder, Chinese authorities have netted influential rights activists, freelance anticorruption sleuths and even a billionaire entrepreneur who championed the rights of poor migrants. Many of those detained in recent weeks remain in police custody.

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Same Mistakes, No Real Solutions From Beijing’s Misguided 2013 Xinjiang Work Forum

For immediate Release
September 24, 2013, 5:10 pm EST
Contact: Uyghur American Association +1 (202) 478 1920

Chinese state media announced today that the fourth meeting of the “Xinjiang Work Forum” took place on September 23-24, 2013 in Beijing. The Uyghur American Association (UAA) believes that new employment and educational policies outlined at the latest forum employ assimilatory tactics aimed to dilute Uyghur culture and fail to address the authorities’ growing reliance on brute force and repressive policies to ensure regional stability. The absence of any dialogue with the Uyghur population in the forum underscores the top-down approach to the initiative, which cannot solve the region’s most pressing problems.

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Amid Xinjiang’s Troubles, China Banks on Central Asian Neighbors

RFA, 22 September 2013

As Chinese President Xi Jinping was preparing to make a landmark visit earlier this month to Central Asia, police gunned down 22 ethnic minority Muslim Uyghurs in what they called an “anti-terrorism” operation in China’s restive northwestern Xinjiang region.

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Hacking US secrets, China pushes for drones

The Economic Times, 21 September 2013

BEIJING: For almost two years, hackers based in Shanghai went after one foreign defense contractor after another, at least 20 in all. Their target, according to a US cyber security company that monitored the attacks, was the technology behind the United States’ clear lead in military drones.

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