China powerless to prevent rise in Tibetan self-immolations

The Independent, 31 October 2012

As China’s Communist Party prepares for its leadership transition, a wave of self-immolations has spread and accelerated across Tibet, in the most sustained protests against Beijing’s rule there in five decades.

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Can China Be Described as ‘Fascist’?

The New York Times, 31 October 2012

BEIJING — Chinese politics is controlled by the Communist Party and its powerful families and factions, so when the son of a former party chief says the state is virtually “fascist,” it’s worth listening.

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‘National Rejuvenation’? Or Chinese Fascism?

International Herald Tribune, 31 October 2012

BEIJING — In the Chongwenmen area of China’s capital, a major shopping district near Beijing Railway Station that heaves with consumers every evening, a giant electronic screen stretches across the top of a road exhorting shoppers to work toward the great “rejuvenation of the Chinese people.” It glows red and yellow in the night sky, the colors of the national flag.

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Pakistan backs China’s stand on Taiwan, Tibet, Sinkiang

The News, 30 October 2012

ISLAMABAD: The Senate Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Monday, expressed resolve to support Chinese stand on Taiwan, Tibet and Sinkiang issues.

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Taiwan arrests suspected military spies for China

BBC News, 29 October 2012

Taiwan has arrested three retired military officers suspected of spying for China, officials say.

One of the officers, identified by local media as Chang Chih-hsin, was the former political warfare head of the meteorology and oceanography office.

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Corruption probes in China said to rise 13%

Today News, 29 October 2012

HONG KONG – China has become increasingly vigilant about ferreting out official corruption, bribe-taking and dereliction of duty, according to a report published yesterday in the state-run media.

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Identification checks on trains to Beijing, Xinjiang and Tibet

AFP, 28 October 2012

Passengers travelling by train to Beijing, Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region and Tibet autonomous region will have to undergo identification checks, reported China Daily this week.

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