Uyghur Woman Handed 10-Year Prison Term Over Headscarf Claim

Radio Free Asia, 20 September 2017

By Shohret Hoshur A Chinese court in the country’s northwestern Xinjiang region has jailed a young Uyghur woman for 10 years over claims by a friend that she had promoted the wearing of headscarves, a form of Islamic dress increasingly restricted by Chinese authorities, sources say.

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Uyghurs: China Operates Political and Ideological Re-Education Camps in Xinjiang

UNPO, 19 September 2017

By UNPO – Since April 2017, Chinese authorities have been running political and ideological re-education camps. In addition to the restrictions that the Uyghurs already face on their culture, language, and religion, thousands of Uyghurs are now involuntarily being put in camps. Human Rights Watch has called on the Chinese government to close these camps down immediately as they violate not only international human rights law, but they also violate China’s own constitution. China has defended the camps, stating that they are strictly for counter-extremism purposes.

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Weekly Brief September 15th

World Uyghur Congress, 15 September 2017

World Uyghur Congress Attends the UN Human Rights Council 36th Session

This week, representatives from the World Uyghur Congress have been attending the 36th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, Switzerland. The World Uyghur Congress has been active in working with other NGOs, UN officials and the Permanent Missions to the UN to raise the numerous human rights violations being committed against the Uyghur people and to discuss ways that the situation could be improved.

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Dolkun Isa Speaks at UN Side-Event: “UN Participation Challenges”

World Uyghur Congress, 14 September 2017

World Uyghur Congress General Secretary, Dolkun Isa, joined UNPO, Society for Threatened Peoples & Tibet Justice Center to discuss challenges in UN participation for human rights defenders at a Side-Event at the 36th session of the Human Rights Council.

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Weekly Brief September 8th

World Uyghur Congress, 8 September 2017

Human Rights Watch Publishes a Report on China’s Efforts to Undermine Human Rights at the UN

This week, Human Rights Watch published a report entitled ‘The Costs of International Advocacy: China’s Interference in United Nations Human Rights Mechanisms’. At a press conference in Geneva, Ken Roth, the chief of Human Rights Watch, unveiled the report and spoke about the repeated efforts by Chinese authorities to block activists, harass experts and silence any criticism of its poor human rights record. He called out the failure of the UN and other countries to address China’s efforts to undermine human rights mechanisms in the UN and to deprive human rights defenders of a forum to voice their concerns.

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WUC General Secretary Speaks at IGFM Press Conference

World Uyghur Congress, 8 September 2017

On 7 September 2017, the General Secretary of the World Uyghur Congress, Dolkun Isa, spoke at a press conference entitled “Is China a partner for democratic states?”. The press conference was organized by the International Society for Human Rights (IGFM) and held at their offices in Frankfurt, Germany. It brought together human rights activists to discuss the numerous human rights violations occurring in China and how China has increasingly been using its economic might to silence criticism of its human rights record.

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UN: China Blocks Activists, Harasses Experts

Human Rights Watch, 5 September 2017

Human Rights Watch — The Chinese government should end its efforts to weaken United Nations mechanisms that promote human rights, Human Rights Watch said in a new report today. UN agencies should vigorously resist China’s attempts to restrict access to the UN for human rights groups and activists who work on China.

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PRESS RELEASE: WUC Denounces Violence Against Rohingya Civilians in Myanmar

Press Release – For immediate release
4 September  2017

Contact: World Uyghur Congress
0049 (0) 89 5432 1999 or

The World Uyghur Congress denounces acts of violence and intimidation perpetrated against Rohingya civilians in Myanmar in recent days that has led to a massive humanitarian crisis.

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