Uighurs abroad cut off from relatives in Chinese detention

Los Angeles Times, 17 September 2018

By Umar Farooq – Adil Ahmad, 15, has had no contact with his parents since February 2017, when he received a frantic phone call from his mother in the Uighur homeland of China’s western Xinjiang region.

“She said my father was in some kind of trouble with the police,” recalls Ahmad, whose parents had brought him and his older brother to Egypt to study Arabic. “She said, ‘Don’t come back to China.”
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China’s Xinjiang Muslims live in fear of disappearing into camps

Deutsche Welle, 17 September 2018

By Mathias Böhlinger – Kairat Samarkhan looks taciturn and aloof. Or maybe he is just tired after a long day at work. Once he attempted to kill himself by smashing his head against the wall. “I could not stand it anymore,” he said.

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China’s pitiless war on Muslim Uighurs poses a dilemma for the west

The Guardian, 15 September 2018

By Simon Tisdall– China is facing mounting international criticism over its systematic repression of Muslim Uighurs in western Xinjiang province, where an estimated 1 million people have been detained in “re-education” camps and subjected to prolonged physical and psychological abuse.

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Internet Sleuths Are Hunting for China’s Secret Internment Camps for Muslims

The Atlantic, 15 September 2018

By Sigal Samuel – Citizen journalists and scholars are in a race against time, scouring the internet for evidence before the Chinese government can erase it. Since last year, the country has been sending vast numbers of Muslims to internment camps, where it tries to force them to renounce Islam and embrace the Communist Party, as The New York Times and other media outlets have reported based on interviews with former inmates.

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Bitter Winter, 15 September 2018

By Li Zaili Last week, Bitter Winter reported about Wuzan Middle School in Xinjiang’s Ili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture being converted into a “transformation through education” camp.

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China claims Muslim detention camps are education centres

The Guardian, 14 September 2018

By Lily Kuo – Chinese officials have pushed back against growing criticism of the detention of Muslim minorities in internment camps, claiming authorities are merely providing professional training and education.

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Interview: ‘The U.S. is Taking The Issue of The Concentration Camps Quite Seriously’

Radio Free Asia, 11 September 2018

By Alim Seytoff – Dolkun Isa, the president of the Munich-based World Uyghur Congress (WUC) and Omer Kanat, chairman of the WUC Executive Committee, paid a brief visit to Washington on Monday, amid growing U.S. government concern for the Chinese government’s treatment of the roughly 11 million Uyghurs living in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR).

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China reportedly detained a man for terrorist charges after he set his watch 2 hours behind Beijing time

Business Insider UK, 10 September 2018

By Alexandra Ma – China detained a man of the Uighur ethnic minority because he set his watch to a different time from Beijing, Human Rights Watch has said in a new report.

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