China accuses western media of fake news about human rights

The Guardian, 3 March 2017


By Tom Phillips — China has launched a Donald Trump-style attack on foreign media, branding claims that a leading human rights lawyer was tortured by government agents fake news.

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China congress: BBC team forced to sign confession

BBC, 3 March 2017


By John Sudworth — The plan was a simple one. We’d arranged to meet a woman in her village in China’s central Hunan Province and to then travel with her by train to Beijing, filming as we went.

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How China tightened its grip on the media during 2016, by IFJ

The Guardian, 20 January 2017


By Roy Greenslade — Media across mainland China was muted throughout 2016, says a report on the International Federation of Journalists’ website, “Strangling the media: China tightens its grip”.

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