Tibetan protesters arrested during Chinese leader’s visit to Switzerland (VIDEO)

RT, 17 January 2017


Russia Today — Swiss Police have detained 32 pro-Tibet activists, including one man trying to set himself on fire, protesting against a state visit by Chinese President Xi Jinping.

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Uighurs in Kyrgyzstan hope for peace despite violence

Al Jazeera, 10 January 2017


By Ryskeldi Satke — Remote and landlocked, Kyrgyzstan is framed by the Tian Shan mountains that take up nearly 90 percent of the country’s territory and form its border with China’s northwestern province of Xinjiang.

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Beijing’s Eyes and Ears Grow Sharper in Xinjiang

Foreign Affairs, 3 January 2017


By James Leibold & Adrian Zenz — The troubled region of Xinjiang, in China’s northwest, has undergone a dramatic transformation over the last couple of months. Thousands of local police stations have cropped up across the region and tens of thousands of policemen have been recruited to man them around the clock.

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New Xinjiang Party Boss Boosts Surveillance, Police Patrols

Radio Free Asia, 18 December 2016

809uh9uohufuzzttzdt6RFA Uyghur Service — Already strict security controls in northwestern China’s Xinjiang region have been tightened further following the August appointment of Chen Quanguo, former party boss in neighboring Tibet, as Communist Party secretary, sources say.

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Hong Kong democracy activist turned away from Thailand

Financial Times, 5 October 2016


By Michael Peel — Joshua Wong, the Hong Kong pro-democracy activist, has been barred from entering Thailand and sent home in the latest clampdown by military-ruled Bangkok on anti-Beijing dissidents. 

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President Xi Jinping’s campaign against religion has restricted freedoms of even state recognized religions

i24 News, 26 September 2016

afp-ebf45a2aabccac7b6f653c1b1bf88f32af2ff947i24 News — A small Jewish community in Kaifeng, near the banks of China’s Yellow River, is the latest religious minority to come under the scrutiny of China’s communist government, the New York Times reports.

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