Taiwan slams UN after students barred from Geneva visit

Hong Kong Free Press, 18 July 2017

By Hong Kong Free Press — Taiwan fiercely criticised the United Nations on Friday after its students were barred from visiting a public hearing in Geneva as Beijing seeks to further isolate the island internationally.

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China Embeds Cadres in Uyghur Homes During Ramadan

Radio Free Asia, 8 June 2017

By Gulchehra Hoja — Authorities in northwest China’s Xinjiang region are doubling down on a bid to prevent Muslim Uyghurs from fasting and praying during Islam’s holy month of Ramadan by embedding Chinese officials in their homes, according to official sources.

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The Chinese Communist Party’s power and influence in Australia

Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 4 June 2017

ABC — University student Tony Chang had suspected for months that he was being secretly monitored, but it was a panicked phone call from a family member in China that confirmed his fears.

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The dead of Tiananmen Square should not be forgotten

Uyghur Human Rights Project, 2 June 2017

[Press Release] The Uyghur Human Rights Project (UHRP) stands with Chinese democrats on the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre and expresses its support for the ideal of freedom voiced by the ordinary citizens of China 28 years ago.

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China’s Rights Abuses Infect UN

Human Rights Watch, 23 May 2017

By Sophie Richardson — “A disease that is spreading – north, south, east, and west.” This is how United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres earlier this year described the lack of attention worldwide to human rights. But Guterres should also be concerned about pressure on human rights from within; notably the pressure that China, a permanent UN Security Council member, is putting on key UN bodies.

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Uyghurs Forced to Undergo Medical Exams, DNA Sampling

Radio Free Asia, 22 May 2017

By Eset Sulayman — Ethnic Muslim Uyghurs in northwest China’s Xinjiang region are being given mandatory health examinations that include DNA collection, according to residents, causing concern among some observers who have called on Beijing to explain its motive behind the mass checkups.

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China Targets Xinjiang Region For Mass DNA Sampling of Local Population

Radio Free Asia, 18 May 2017

By Xi Wang Chinese authorities in the troubled northwestern region of Xinjiang are carrying out mass collection of DNA from individuals not suspected of any crime, rights groups and academics said.

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Privacy concerns as China expands DNA database

BBC, 17 May 2017

BBC News — China is building a vast DNA database with no appropriate privacy protection, human rights activists warn.

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