China ‘punished’ about 100 minority Uighurs for observing Ramadan fast

International Business Times, 16 June 2017

By Ananya Roy — Chinese authorities have reportedly punished at least 100 Uighur Muslims, an ethnic Turkish group, living in the Xinjiang province for observing Ramadan – the Muslim holy month of fasting. The communist nation has long banned religious practices and activities in the country.

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China looks to resurrect road of past — minus the freedom

The Blade, 31 May 2017

By S. Amjad Hussain — My recent participation in the Silk Road Expedition 2017 was fascinating in many ways. In my four dispatches from the Silk Road for The Blade, I had reported on our travel on the Silk Road from Shanghai in the east to Kashgar in the southwest where ancient trade routes from Europe, Central Asia, and Pakistan converged.

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China Targets Xinjiang Region For Mass DNA Sampling of Local Population

Radio Free Asia, 18 May 2017

By Xi Wang Chinese authorities in the troubled northwestern region of Xinjiang are carrying out mass collection of DNA from individuals not suspected of any crime, rights groups and academics said.

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Privacy concerns as China expands DNA database

BBC, 17 May 2017

BBC News — China is building a vast DNA database with no appropriate privacy protection, human rights activists warn.

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China’s big push for its global trade narrative

BBC, 13 May 2017

By China’s President Xi Jinping intends to tell you a story.

But first he’s going to try it out on the world’s political leaders. Not those of the United States, Japan, India or much of the European Union. They’ve declined the invitation.

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Han Chinese Offered Triple Salary of Uyghurs in Xinjiang Police Recruitment Drive

Radio Free Asia, 18 April 2017


RFA Uyghur Service — Ethnic Uyghur police officers in northwestern China’s Xinjiang Region are being paid less than a third of salaries offered as part of a recent recruitment drive for majority Han Chinese security personnel from other parts of the country, according to sources.

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County in China’s troubled Xinjiang pays generous ‘stability’ rewards

South China Morning Post, 18 April 2017


By Nectar Gan — A county in China’s troubled Xinjiang province has given 16 police officers and two members of the public just over 1 million yuan (US$160,000 or HK$1.12 million) for their contributions to helping maintain stability.

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Fellow Uighurs should beware of ‘two-faced’ people in separatism fight, official says

Reuters, 12 April 2017


By Philip Wen — A senior Uighur Communist Party official in China’s far-western Xinjiang has urged Uighur cadres to reveal “two-faced people” and “clean them out”, the latest in a string of senior figures to single out their own ethnic group in the restive region.

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