Uyghur Businessman Dies Under Police Questioning in Xinjiang

Radio Free Asia, 31 March 2017


RFA Uyghur Service  A Uyghur businessman suspected by Chinese authorities of maintaining contacts with separatist organizations has died under police questioning in China’s northwestern region of Xinjiang, Uyghur sources say.

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EP Human Rights Subcommittee (DROI) Discusses Situation in East Turkestan

UNPO, 27 March 2017


UNPO  On 22 March 2017, the European Parliament’s Subcommittee on Human Rights (DROI) held a hearing to discuss the human rights situation in the Uyghur region of East Turkestan – known in China as Xinjiang. The hearing was attended by Members of European Parliament (MEPs), human rights experts, prominent academics, sinologists and representatives of UNPO and of its member, the World Uyghur Congress.

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Ethnic Mongolian Herders Protest Lack of Compensation For Grazing Ban

Radio Free Asia, 27 March 2017


By Qiao Long — Hundreds of ethnic Mongolian herders in Inner Mongolia’s Heshigten banner have protested repeatedly in recent days over the nonpayment of subsidies after they were persuaded to stop grazing their animals as part of a regionwide ecological strategy.

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‘No beards, no veils’: Uighur life in China’s Xinjiang

BBC, 20 March 2017


BBC — China says Islamist separatists in Xinjiang are the greatest threat to national security. The far western region is home to a community of some 10 million Uighurs, who are mostly Muslim.

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China: Disclose Details of Terrorism Convictions

Human Rights Watch, 18 March 2017


Human Rights Watch — The Chinese authorities’ failure to release details about terrorism convictions heightens concerns that the country’s counterterrorism law is being used to prosecute nonviolent activity, Human Rights Watch said today. The 2017 Supreme People’s Court (SPC) report, presented on March 12, 2017, departs from past practice by excluding details on 2016 terrorism cases, such as the number of individuals convicted. China’s new Counterterrorism Law took effect in January 2016.

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China calls for ‘people’s war,’ warns of a global religious extremism threat

The Toronto Star, 16 March 2017


By Gerry Shih  Chinese officials are issuing new warnings about the spectre of global religious extremism seeping into the country, following reports of fighters from China’s Muslim minority fighting alongside militants in Syria and Iraq.

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China: Xi Jinping wants ‘Great Wall of Steel’ in violence-hit Xinjiang

The Guardian, 13 March 2017


By Tom Phillips  Chinese president Xi Jinping has urged security forces to erect a “Great Wall of Steel” around the violence-hit western region of Xinjiang after an apparent spike in bloodletting that authorities blame on Islamic extremists and separatists.

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Elderly Uyghur Woman is Assigned a Chinese Spy as ‘Daughter’

Radio Free Asia, 9 March 2017


By Shohret Hoshur — Authorities in northwestern China’s Xinjiang region have assigned a spy to monitor the daily movements of an elderly Uyghur woman deemed troublesome by police, telling her that the young woman sent to visit her each day is now her “daughter,” sources say.

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