Mass incarceration of Uyghurs could backfire on the Party

UCA NEWS, 19 July 2018

By Michael Sainsbury – As Chinese President Xi Jinping continues to ramp up his program of religious persecution, nowhere is it being executed with more intensity and violence than on the Muslim Uyghur community in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region in northwest China.

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World Uyghur Congress, 18 July 2018

The World Uyghur Congress held a successful Uyghur youth advocacy training workshop in Istanbul, Turkey from July 13-15, 2018, which brought together many interested Uyghur participants eager to speak and eager to learn about how they can contribute to the Uyghur cause.

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Hikvision Wins Chinese Government Forced Facial Recognition Project Across 967 Mosques

IPVM, 16 July 2018

By Charles Rollet –Hikvision has won a Chinese government tender which requires that facial recognition cameras be set up at the entrance of every single mosque (nearly 1,000 total) in a part of China under scrutiny for serious violations of religious freedom and human rights.

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PRESS RELEASE: WUC Celebrates the Importance of Language on International Uyghur Language Day 2018

Press Release – For immediate release
15 June 2018
Contact: World Uyghur Congress
0049 (0) 89 5432 1999 or

On June 15th, the WUC celebrates the unique Uyghur language and its importance to Uyghur culture, history and society, in recognition of International Uyghur Language Day 2018.

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Issue 30: ‘Sinicization’ of Religion

World Uyghur Congress, 14 June 2018

In the past few years, China has dramatically escalated its so-called “sinicization” of religion, a “far-reaching strategy to control, govern, and manipulate all aspects of faith into a socialist mold infused with “Chinese characteristics,”” according to the 2018 Annual Report of the US Commission of International Religious Freedom (USCIRF). The strategy has increased the already overbearing restrictions on religion and religious repression of Uyghur Muslims.

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Issue 28: Religious Persecution of Buddhists and Christians

World Uyghur Congress, 12 June 2018

Uyghur Muslims, Tibetan Buddhists and Christians in China have all been subjected to religious persecution and denied their basic religious rights by the Chinese government. In an effort to prevent their from being any authority higher than that of the CCP, the Chinese government has sought to establish complete control over religious practice in China and promote, above all else, loyalty to the state.

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Issue 19: Removal of Islamic Iconography

World Uyghur Congress, 3 June 2018

As the Chinese government attempts to ‘Sinicize’ all religions in China, especially Islam, any cultural or religious iconography seen as incompatible with Chinese culture is being targeted and removed. Secular buildings were the first target, with any Islamic motifs being banned from public and private buildings and many Arab style buildings were converted into Chinese style pavilions. This has been followed by a ban on building any new ‘Arabic’ style mosques, with any new buildings reportedly having to conform to Chinese cultural and architectural traditions.

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Issue 18: Confiscation of Religious Materials

World Uyghur Congress, 2 June 2018

In 2017, Chinese authorities in East Turkistan ordered Uyghurs to hand to in religious materials, including copies of the Quran, prayer mats and religious books. Chinese police reportedly sent out an order over social media instructing Uyghurs to voluntarily hand in these items or face punishment. Qurans and prayer mats are essential to practicing Uyghur Muslims and almost every Uyghur household would possess these items. Their confiscation is a needlessly oppressive measure that makes it impossible to meaningfully practice Islam.

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