Inside China’s surveillance state

Financial Times, 20 July 2018

By Louise Lucas and Emily Feng –  Zhejiang Hangzhou No 11 High School, on the fringes of downtown Hangzhou in eastern China, is a green, peaceful-seeming place to learn. Gazebo-like structures nestle among lush foliage; grey stone sculptures enact eternal dioramas and Japanese maples gently fan placid lakes. 

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Interview: ‘The Most Painful Part of Losing My Mother’

Radio Free Asia, 13 June 2018

Dolkun Isa, the president of the Munich-based World Uyghur Congress exile group, recently learned from a close family friend that his mother, Ayhan Memet, died in northwest China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR) on May 17 at the age of 78.

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Issue 29: Detentions on Religious Charges – Memet Réhim and Memet Sidiq

World Uyghur Congress, 13 June 2018

According to Radio Free Asia (RFA), state security officers in Shihezi municipality, East Turkestan, detained father-and-son religious leaders Memet Réhim and Memet Sidiq on suspicion of distributing “illegal religious materials.” RFA does not report the precise date of detention, but it appears to have occurred in or around March 2011.

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Does China’s digital police state have echoes in the West?

The Economist, 31 May 2018

By the Economist – THEY’RE watching you. When you walk to work, CCTV cameras film you and, increasingly, recognise your face. Drive out of town, and number-plate-reading cameras capture your journey. The smartphone in your pocket leaves a constant digital trail. Browse the web in the privacy of your home, and your actions are logged and analysed. The resulting data can be crunched to create a minute-by-minute record of your life.

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Weekly Brief April 13th

World Uyghur Congress, 13 April 2018

WUC Issues Call for Information on Disappearances and Detentions in ‘Re-education’ Camps

This week, the WUC issued an open call for information from the Uyghur community about disappearances or arbitrary detentions of Uyghurs in ‘re-education’ camps in East Turkestan.

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China Is Forcing People To Download An App That Tells Them To Delete “Dangerous” Photos

Buzzfeed, 9 April 2018

By Megha Rajagopalan – Ethnic Uighurs in China’s west say they are being forced to download an app that scans cell phones for audio and video files and dispatches their information to an outside server.

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Weekly Brief April 6th

World Uyghur Congress, 6 April 2018

Thousands of Uyghurs to Protest Against ‘Re-education’ Camps on April 27th in Brussels

The WUC announced in a press release this week that it will hold a large-scale march and demonstration in Brussels, Belgium on April 27th to protest against the arbitrary detention of approximately 1 million Uyghurs in ‘re-education’ camps at the hands of Chinese authorities. The demonstration is being co-organized by the World Uyghur Congress, the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organisation.

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PRESS RELEASE: WUC Condemns Attempts by the Chinese Government to Spread Disinformation

Press Release – For immediate release
4 April 2018
Contact: World Uyghur Congress
0049 (0) 89 5432 1999 or

The World Uyghur Congress wishes to draw attention to ongoing efforts by the Chinese government to undermine the Uyghur people’s struggle for their basic rights by drawing false parallels to terrorism and by spreading blatant lies and misinformation. 

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