China Recruits 30,000 Teachers, Police, Civil Servants to Move to Xinjiang

Radio Free Asia, 18 August 2017

By Qiao Long – Chinese authorities in the troubled northwestern region of Xinjiang have launched a massive nationwide recruitment drive seeking tens of thousands of new police officers, civil servants, teachers, academics, and airline staff.

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Exclusive: CPEC master plan revealed

DAWN, 15 May 2017

By Khurram Husain — The floodgates are about to open. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif arrived in Beijing over the weekend to participate in the One Belt, One Road summit, and the top item on his agenda is to finalise the Long Term Plan (LTP) for the China-Pakistan Economic Corri­dor. [See next tab for details on how the plan was made].

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The extraordinary ways in which China humiliates Muslims

The Economist, 5 May 2017

The Economist — Chinese officials describe the far western province of Xinjiang as a “core area” in the vast swathe of territory covered by the country’s grandiose “Belt and Road Initiative” to boost economic ties with Central Asia and regions beyond. They hope that wealth generated by the scheme will help to make Xinjiang more stable—for years it has been plagued by separatist violence which China says is being fed by global jihadism. But the authorities are not waiting.

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Exploitation Puts Ancient Well System at Risk in Uyghur Region

Radio Free Asia, 28 April 2017

By Eset Sulaiman — The proliferation of electric water pumps for large-scale farming and oil exploration in northwestern China’s Xinjiang region has all but dried up an elaborate set of wells used by the Uyghur residents of Turfan prefecture, according to local authorities.

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Han Chinese Offered Triple Salary of Uyghurs in Xinjiang Police Recruitment Drive

Radio Free Asia, 18 April 2017


RFA Uyghur Service — Ethnic Uyghur police officers in northwestern China’s Xinjiang Region are being paid less than a third of salaries offered as part of a recent recruitment drive for majority Han Chinese security personnel from other parts of the country, according to sources.

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For Xinjiang’s Uyghurs, ‘Hashar’ by Any Other Name Still Means Forced Labor

Radio Free Asia, 17 February 2017


RFA Uyghur Service — While Chinese officials in the Xinjiang region insist that they no longer compel Uyghurs to supply free labor for public works projects, in reality they have only changed the name of the practice, RFA’s Uyghur Service has learned.

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In China’s Xinjiang, Some Uyghurs are Forced Into a Sharecropper’s Life

Radio Free Asia, 22 November 2016


RFA Uyghur Service — Some Uyghurs living in China’s Xinjiang are compelled into a type of sharecropper’s existence as they are forced to abandon their children and travel hundreds of miles to find work in the cotton fields as there are no jobs near their homes, RFA’s Uyghur Service has learned.

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The ‘Hashar’ Continues in China’s Xinjiang

Radio Free Asia, 17 November 2016


RFA Uyghur Service — In an effort to exert more control in China’s troubled Xinjiang region, Beijing is forcing the Uyghur people to work for free on various public works projects, according to a World Uyghur Congress (WUC) report issued this month.

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