‘I Asked Him About His Daily Life in Prison’

Radio Free Asia, 3 May 2017

By Qiao Long — The wife of jailed rights activist Zhang Haitao, a critic of the ruling Chinese Communist Party’s treatment of the mostly Muslim Uyghur ethnic group, was recently allowed to visit him for the first time in prison after he was jailed for 19 years on subversion and spying charges in January 2016.

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Village Crackdown on ‘Illegal Religious Activities’ Nets Dozens of Uyghurs

Radio Free Asia, 26 April 2017

By Shohret Hoshur — Dozens of ethnic Uyghurs from a small village in northwestern China’s Xinjiang region, including several sets of siblings, have been swept up in a recent crackdown on “illegal religious activities” after they attended lectures by unsanctioned imams, according to local officials.

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New claims of Chinese oppression against Uyghur people

World Bulletin, 21 April 2017


World Bulletin — In recent months, China’s new practices have brought them back under the spotlight of Human rights organizations as well as those who are protecting the Human Rights accord. Reports emerging from the Uyghur Autonomous Region has stated that there have been tens of thousands of arrests in recent times with many executions without a trial.

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Uyghur Businessman Dies Under Police Questioning in Xinjiang

Radio Free Asia, 31 March 2017


RFA Uyghur Service  A Uyghur businessman suspected by Chinese authorities of maintaining contacts with separatist organizations has died under police questioning in China’s northwestern region of Xinjiang, Uyghur sources say.

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This Visualization Shows China’s Jailed, Murdered And Missing Political Prisoners

Huffington Post, 20 March 2017

By Peter Mellgard — Peng Ming was one of the only dissidents in China serving a life sentence. The founder of a democracy and environmental advocacy group, he was found guilty in 2005 of “organizing and leading a terrorist organization.” Before that, in a hastily written letter, Peng warned his family that he might soon meet with an “accident.”

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Chinese Authorities Turn a Deaf Ear to a Uyghur Mother’s Dying Wish

Radio Free Asia, 6 February 2017


RFA Uyghur Service — Chinese authorities have rejected a request for a visit by the terminally ill mother of a webmaster for a popular Uyghur website who has been held incommunicado since his arrest in March, RFA’s Uyghur Service has learned.

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Tibetan protesters arrested during Chinese leader’s visit to Switzerland (VIDEO)

RT, 17 January 2017


Russia Today — Swiss Police have detained 32 pro-Tibet activists, including one man trying to set himself on fire, protesting against a state visit by Chinese President Xi Jinping.

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The People’s Republic of the Disappeared

The Diplomat, 8 December 2016


By Michael Caster — On November 21, human rights defender Jiang Tianyong disappeared. He was supposed to arrive in Beijing at 6:30 am the following day but when his train pulled into the station he was not onboard. Attempting to file a missing person report at their local police station in Zhengzhou, his family was told to go to Beijing for answers. At the time of writing, Jiang’s whereabouts remain unknown.

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