A Call for a UN Investigation, and US Sanctions, on the Human Rights Disaster Unfolding in Xinjiang

China Change, 10 August 2018

By China Change – It is now clear, from numerous reliable sources, that shocking human rights atrocities are being perpetrated in the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region of China (XUAR).

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Is The White House In Any Position To Help Chinese Muslims?

Pacific Standard, 15 August 2018

By Massoud Hayoun – With human rights advocates sounding alarms over China‘s mass-incarceration of its majority Muslim ethnic Uyghurs at so-called re-education camps, some worry the Trump White House’s rhetoric and policies on American Muslims make it difficult for Washington to meaningfully advocate on the Uyghurs’ behalf. Previous United States administrations had been vigilant in condemning Beijing’s rights abuses in Xinjiang.

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How The World Learned China Is Holding Over A Million Muslims In Internment Camps

Huffington Post, 15 August 2018

By Akbar Shahid Ahmed – United Nations human rights experts made global headlines in a session that concluded Monday when they said they believe China is holding 1 million members of a Muslim minority group in secret prison camps.

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Canada’s quiet diplomacy imperils thousand of Uyghurs

The Globe and Mail, 15 August 2018

By Amira Elghawaby – The Canadian government should have seen this coming.

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We can’t ignore this brutal cleansing in China

Washington Post, 14 August 2018

By Washington Post Editorial Board – FOR THE past 18 months, China has conducted a massive campaign against Muslim- minority communities in its vast western Xinjiang region, including confining up to 1 million people in concentration camps. It has managed to do this in virtual secrecy, with little attention, few complaints and less pressure from the outside world. The past several days have seen some hopeful signs that this impunity finally may be challenged — as it must be.

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One Million Muslim Uighurs Have Been Detained by China, the U.N. Says. Where’s the Global Outrage?

The Intercept, 13 August 2018

By Mehdi Hasan – It was on September 16, 2001, five days after the 9/11 attacks, that President George W. Bush declared his now-infamous “war on terrorism.” Other governments around the world followed suit — but few matched the speed, intensity, and sheer cynicism with which the autocrats in Beijing aligned themselves with the Bush administration.

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Chinese Police Are Spying on Uighurs—on American Soil

Daily Beast, 14 August 2018

By Bethany Allen-Fbrahimian – A major human rights crisis is unfolding in northwestern China, according to the United Nations, which said last week that there were credible reports that the Chinese government is holding one million or more ethnic minorities in secretive detention camps.

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China denies detaining a million Uighurs but admits some re-education

Sydney Morning Herald, 14 August 2018

By Stephanie Nebehey – China has rejected allegations raised by a United Nations panel that 1 million Uighurs may be held in internment camps in the restive Xinjiang region, but said that some people underwent re-education after being deceived by extremists.

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