Chinese ‘reeducation camps’ in spotlight at Kazakh trial

AFP, 17 July 2018

By Christopher RICKLETON, with Ben Dooley in Beijing – Secretive “re-education camps” allegedly holding hundreds of thousands of people in a Muslim-majority region in western China are the focus of an explosive court case in Kazakhstan, testing the country’s ties with Beijing.

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Uyghurs Deplore China’s Unkind Cuts to Local Women’s Skirts

Radio Free Asia, 16 July 2018

By RFA Uyghur Service – Officials in the Xinjiang region of northwestern China have been cutting the skirts of Uyghurs on the spot in the streets to enforce a ban on ethnic minorities wearing long skirts, sparking an outcry among Uyghurs worldwide over the latest example of heavy state intrusion in their lives.

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Authorities Force Uyghur Students to Return to Xinjiang From Mainland For Propaganda Drive

Radio Free Asia, 16 July 2018

By Gulchehra Hoja – Authorities are requiring Uyghur pupils studying in mainland China universities to return to their homes in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR) during their summer break to take part in propaganda tours promoting ethnic unity and lauding central government policies.

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Xinjiang: China ignores lessons from the past

AMN Almasdar News, 11 July 2018

By James M.Dorsey – A Chinese campaign to forcibly assimilate ethnic Uyghurs in its north-western province of Xinjiang in a bid to erase nationalist sentiment, counter militancy, and create an ‘Uyghur Islam with Chinese characteristics’ ignores lessons learnt not only from recent Chinese history but also the experience of others.

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Uighur children fall victim to China anti-terror drive

Financial Times, 10 July 2018

By Emily Feng – On a quiet street in the ancient Silk Road city of Kashgar, a house lies empty, padlocked from the outside, the family who lived there gone.

The father was detained in February; three months later the mother was also taken away by authorities. They had allegedly shared extremist Islamist content on their mobile phones, family friends said.

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China’s Marxist Tyranny Shouldn’t Be Ignored

National Review, 10 July 2018

By J . J Mccullough – It is a curious and depressing thing that in this age of hyperactive vigilance against creeping tyranny, the regime running China sits mostly in afterthought. Amid an expansion of dictatorship’s definition to include everything from border enforcement in Texas to court reform in Poland, China’s Xi Jinping — who has made strengthening totalitarianism the explicit purpose of his rule — receives analysis that’s calm and nuanced.

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Spy For Us — Or Never Speak To Your Family Again

Buzzfeed, 9 July 2018

By Megha Rajagopalan – Spying on behalf of the Chinese state went against everything O. believed in.

Yet even as he sat thousands of miles away in a quiet town in Sweden, he knew the police in his home country held something over him that could compel him to do just that — the freedom of his teenage son.

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UBC student uses satellite images to track suspected Chinese re-education centres where Uyghurs imprisoned

The Globe and Mail, 8 July 2018

By Nathan Vanderklippe – Many nights in the past few months, Shawn Zhang has come home from work at a student legal-aid program and pulled up satellite imagery of a place 10,000 kilometres away.

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