Germany halts Uighur deportations to China

Deutsche Welle, 23 August 2018

By DW — Uighurs and members of other Muslim minorities will no longer be deported from Germany to China, the Süddeutscher Zeitung reported on Thursday citing an Interior Ministry response to a Green party information request.

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China Forces Out Buzzfeed Journalist

New York Times, 23 August 2018

By Austin Ramzy and Edward Wong — An American reporter for Buzzfeed News has become the latest foreign journalist to be forced from China, which has a history of retaliating against news organizations and individual journalists for critical coverage.

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Uyghurs in US Celebrate Eid, With Their Thoughts Back Home

VOA News, 22 August 2018

Uighur Muslim women pray as part of Eid festivities in Falls Church, Virginia, Aug. 21, 2018. (B. Gallo/VOA) By Ashley Thompson and William Gallo — Aygul insists she’s not really in the “Eid mood.” But that didn’t stop her from preparing a traditional Uighur meal for family and friends on this holiday at her home in northern Virginia.

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China’s Re-Education Camps For A Million Muslims: What Everyone Needs To Know

Sup China, 22 August 2018

By – Who are the Uyghurs and what is happening in Xinjiang?

  • Uyghurs are a Muslim Turkic-speaking ethnic minority in China. Uyghurs (also spelled Uighur — either way, pronounced WEE-gur) — about 10 million people — live mostly in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR), the farthest west and most heavily Muslim jurisdiction under Beijing’s control. The total population of Xinjiang is around 22 million.
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China’s Mass Internment Camps Have No Clear End in Sight

Foreign Policy, 22 August 2018

By Rian Thum — Last summer, online links between China’s western Xinjiang region and the rest of the world began to go dark. Uighurs, who make up the largest ethnic group in Xinjiang, started cutting friends and family members abroad from their contacts on WeChat, the dominant online communication platform in China. Many asked their family members not to call them by phone.

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China’s abuse of the Uyghurs unveils the immorality of Xi’s global strategy

Washington Examiner, 20 August 2018

By Tom Rogan — President Xi Jinping of China claims his policies improve Chinese lives and support peaceful global economic growth. His government’s treatment of Uighur citizens offers the latest proof of Xi’s lie, and the Trump administration should say as much.

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Why Is the NBA in Xinjiang?

SLATE, 20 August 2018

By Isaac Stone Fish — In the northwestern Chinese region of Xinjiang, Chinese authorities are holding roughly a million Muslims in what government propaganda creepily calls “free hospital treatment for the masses with sick thinking”—in other words, concentration camps. Because of the difficulties of visiting the camps, and because Beijing downplays their existence, firsthand information is sparse. However, satellite photos, innovative research on government procurement bids, and excellent reporting by foreign journalists prove their existence. Some inmates are tortured. Others are forced to sit for hours singing songs praising the ruling Chinese Communist Party.

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World Leaders Opt For China’s Money Over The Rights Of 1 Million Jailed Muslims

Huffington Post, 18 August 2018

By Akbar Shahid Ahmed – Now that United Nations experts have endorsed widespread reports that China is holding a million members of its Muslim minority Uighur community in internment camps, the Chinese government’s denials of a crackdown look flimsier than ever. Activists and reporters who have documented the repression appear vindicated and awareness about the crisis seems to be growing ― but there’s no certainty of resulting international pressure from governments like the United States that experts see as essential to forcing change.

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