A Stark Choice for Cairo’s Chinese Muslims

The Diplomat, 1 August 2017

By François Napoleon – Sitting on cheap plastic chairs in front of a Chinese restaurant on a narrow street in Cairo’s Abbassia district, Ma Songhui seems to have lost his appetite – and for good reason.

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Human rights in China going in ‘negative direction’: internal Canadian government report

The Globe and Mail, 12 July 2017

By Mike Blanchfield — Respect for human rights in China has declined over the past two years with crackdowns on media and political dissent being notable problems, says an internal Canadian government report.

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Sweeping counter-terrorism measures in China’s Xinjiang ‘creating huge police state’

Agence France-Press, 13 July 2017

By APF — Worshippers quietly passed through metal detectors as they entered the central mosque in China’s far western city of Kashgar under the stern gaze of stone-faced police officers. 

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More Uyghurs Detained in Cairo as Students Appeal to Al-Azhar For Help

Radio Free Asia, 12 June 2017

By Mamatjan Juma and Kurban Niyaz — Egyptian authorities continued this week to round up and deport ethnic Uyghurs studying at Cairo’s Al-Azhar Islamic University, prompting some to appeal directly to the university’s senior imam for his help in preventing their forced return to China, sources said.

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Chinese Police Detain ‘More Than 100’ Friends, Classmates of Kazakh Custody Death Imam

Radio Free Asia, 11 July 2017

By Qiao Long — Chinese authorities in the northwestern region of Xinjiang have launched a crackdown on supporters of an ethnic minority Kazakh imam who died in police custody last month, with authorities attributing the cause of death to “suicide,” sources in the region told RFA.

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Round-ups of Uyghurs Continue as Egypt, China Condemned by Rights Groups

Radio Free Asia, 10 July 2019

By Kurban Niyaz — Rights groups condemned Cairo and Beijing at the weekend for the detention and deportation to China of Uyghur students studying in Egypt, where desperate Uyghurs continued to try to avoid being rounded up by authorities.

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Egypt: Don’t Deport Uyghurs to China

Human Rights Watch, 8 July 2017

By Human Rights Watch — Egyptian authorities should not deport dozens of detained Chinese Muslim Uyghurs to China, where they are at serious risk of arbitrary detention and torture, Human Rights Watch said today.

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Weekly Brief July 7th

World Uyghur Congress, 7 July 2017

Egyptian Police Detain and Deport Uyghur Students

A number of Uyghur students studying in Cairo have been arrested in recent days, with reports indicating that some have already been returned to China with others at risk of deportation.

At least 12 Uyghur students were deported and put on a flight to China late Thursday (7 July 2017), and 22 more were detained for immediate deportation, three Egyptian aviation officials said. On July 4th, we were told that 30 Uyghur students were arrested at Eslem Uyghur restaurant in Cairo’s 7th district, including students working in the restaurant. Further reports indicate that more than 80 Uyghurs have been arrested in Cairo in July so far.

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