Escape from Xinjiang: Muslim Uighurs speak of China persecution

Al Jazeera, 10 September 2018

By Ted Regencia – In April 2017, Tarim, a 48-year-old businessman from Urumqi, the capital of China’s Muslim Xinjiang region, received a phone call from the police summoning him to their offices in Aksu prefecture, 900km to the southwest.

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“Eradicating Ideological Viruses” China’s Campaign of Repression Against Xinjiang’s Muslims

Human Rights Watch, 9 September 2018

By Maya Wang – The Chinese government has long carried out repressive policies against the Turkic Muslim peoples in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR) in northwest China.

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China Is Detaining Muslims in Vast Numbers. The Goal: ‘Transformation.’

New York Times, 8 September 2018

By Chris Buckley – On the edge of a desert in far western China, an imposing building sits behind a fence topped with barbed wire. Large red characters on the facade urge people to learn Chinese, study law and acquire job skills. Guards make clear that visitors are not welcome.

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Chinese Authorities Continue to Destroy Mosques in Xinjiang

Radio Free Asia, 7 September 2018

By Shohret Hoshur – Uyghurs in northwest China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region say that authorities are continuing a campaign to destroy mosques as part of a wider crackdown on their religion, contradicting a recent comment by a Chinese diplomat that the region has more mosques per capita than other countries.

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Authorities Detain Uyghur Editor-in-Chief, Directors of Xinjiang Daily Newspaper

Radio Free Asia, 5 September 2018

By Shohret Hoshur – Authorities in northwest China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR) have arrested the Uyghur deputy editor-in-chief and three Uyghur directors of the Xinjiang Daily accused of being “two-faced” officials, according to sources from the state-run newspaper.

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Why Americans Should Care About the Uyghurs

The Public Discourse, 5 September 2018

By Jennifer S. Bryson – A terrifying human disaster is currently unfolding in Northwest China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region—which is now anything but autonomous. Americans need to pay attention to what is happening in Xinjiang for at least two reasons. First, it is a humanitarian tragedy. Second, America has multiple strategic interests in the way this conflict unfolds.

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China’s Jaw-Dropping Family Separation Policy

The Atlantic, 4 September 2018

By Sigal Samuel – Tahir Imin is the type of father who likes to take a video of his daughter each and every week. His phone is full of clips and photos of her: in a tutu, holding up a drawing, on a merry-go-round. Even at age six, she would ride piggyback on him as they made-believe she was a princess and him, a king. She’s seven years old now, and he’d probably still carry her aloft on his back if he could. But she’s in China. He’s in the U.S. And the last time they talked, about six months ago, she told him he’s a bad person.

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Bitter Winter, 4 September 2018

By Bitter Winter – Authorities in Xinjiang visit the homes of Muslims and force them to get rid of all household items with Islamic symbols.

Under the “de-Arabization” initiative, the Xinjiang authorities are visiting the homes of local Muslims and force them to get rid of all things at home that have any Islamic motif. Daily household items, such as pots, plates, blankets or kettles are confiscated and later destroyed.

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