Calls grow for U.N. action on China’s Muslim ‘re-education camps’

Reuters, 19 September 2018

By Stephanie Nebehay – France and Germany have called on China to close “re-education camps” in its restive far western region of Xinjiang where up to one million Uighurs and other Muslims are thought to be held for political indoctrination as pressure grows for UN action.

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China’s Effort to Influence American Academia Warrants Scrutiny

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States should act in concert to denounce China’s campaign of oppression in Xinjiang

Human Rights Watch, 18 September 2018

By HRW – At the opening of this session, High Commissioner Michelle Bachelet highlighted “deeply disturbing allegations of large-scale arbitrary detentions of Uighurs and other Muslim communities, in so-called re-education camps across Xinjiang.”

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Critic of China’s internments says Turkey may bar his family

Associated Press, 18 September 2018

By Dake Kang – An outspoken critic of China’s internment camps who now lives in Istanbul says his wife and son face potential deportation to China because Turkish authorities might bar them from entering the country.

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Five Uyghur Professors from Xinjiang University Held in Political ‘Re-education Camps’

Radio Free Asia, 18 September 2018

By Shohret Hoshur – At least five ethnic Uyghur professors from one of the top universities in northwest China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR) are being held in political “re-education camps,” according to one of their former colleagues and an official with the school who confirmed their detentions.

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Uighurs abroad cut off from relatives in Chinese detention

Los Angeles Times, 17 September 2018

By Umar Farooq – Adil Ahmad, 15, has had no contact with his parents since February 2017, when he received a frantic phone call from his mother in the Uighur homeland of China’s western Xinjiang region.

“She said my father was in some kind of trouble with the police,” recalls Ahmad, whose parents had brought him and his older brother to Egypt to study Arabic. “She said, ‘Don’t come back to China.”
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China’s Xinjiang Muslims live in fear of disappearing into camps

Deutsche Welle, 17 September 2018

By Mathias Böhlinger – Kairat Samarkhan looks taciturn and aloof. Or maybe he is just tired after a long day at work. Once he attempted to kill himself by smashing his head against the wall. “I could not stand it anymore,” he said.

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OIC must condemn China’s mass internment of Uighurs

Malaysiakini, 16 September 2018

By Ömer Kanat – China is conducting one of the largest mass internment campaigns known to history.

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