China’s Muslim minority banned from using their own language in schools

The Independent, 3 August 2017

By Caroline Mortimer – A majority Muslim group in China have been banned from using its language in schools.

The Uighur population in the restive western Xinjiang province, are ethnically distinct from China’s majority Han population.

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Turkey And China Pledge Close Security Cooperation

Associated Press, 3 August 2017

Associated Press — Turkey has vowed to root out militants plotting against China as the two countries pledged to collaborate on a security issue that had been a source of friction.

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Dozens of Ethnic Kazakhs Detained Amid Security Crackdown in China’s Xinjiang

Radio Free Asia, 1 August 2017

By Qiao Long – Chinese authorities in the troubled northwestern region of Xinjiang have detained dozens of ethnic Kazakhs in recent weeks amid an ongoing security crackdown targeting anyone with ties beyond China’s borders, sources told RFA.

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A Stark Choice for Cairo’s Chinese Muslims

The Diplomat, 1 August 2017

By François Napoleon – Sitting on cheap plastic chairs in front of a Chinese restaurant on a narrow street in Cairo’s Abbassia district, Ma Songhui seems to have lost his appetite – and for good reason.

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Egypt: Further Information: More Uighur Students At Risk Of Forcible Return

Amnesty International, 1 August 2017

Amnesty International – Another 10 Uighur students were forcibly returned by the Egyptian authorities back to China, bringing the total to 22 in July, while approximately 200 more remain at risk of being forcibly returned to the country. They would be at real risk of serious human rights violations if forcibly returned to China.

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China targets Muslim Uighurs studying abroad

Financial Times, 1 August 2017

By Emily Feng – China has launched a campaign to repatriate and interrogate Uighurs studying overseas, the latest draconian measure against the Muslim minority.

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Exiled Uighur group condemns Italy’s detention of its general secretary

Reuters, 31 July 2017

By Michael Martina — A prominent Uighur exile was detained briefly by police in Italy, his organization said on Friday, calling on the European Union to investigate whether China had pressured Italian authorities to take action.

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China Bans Uyghur Language in Schools in Key Xinjiang Prefecture

Radio Free Asia, 28 July 2017

By Eset Sulaiman  Authorities in northwest China’s Xinjiang region have issued a directive completely banning the use of the Uyghur language at all education levels up to and including secondary school, according to official sources, and those found in violation of the order will face “severe punishment.”

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