Language: groundswell forces a retreat by Chinese authorities

Originally published by Open Democracy,29 Sept 2010 By N.Jayaram The people of Guangdong have

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Norway Says Three Planned Attack Over Cartoons

Originally published by The New York Times, 28 Sept 2010 By ALAN COWELL PARIS

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Kashmir Could Start a Nuclear War

Originally published by Kashmir Watch,27 Sept 2010  By Eric Margolis  Divided Kashmir is the

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A New Shenzhen:Beijing aims to turn the remote western city of Kashgar into the country’s next big boomtown

Originally published by News Week,25 Sept 2010 By Isaac Stone Fish  Construction workers build

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Book Review: Uyghurs Under Siege

Originally published by Asia,24 September 2010 By Henryk Szadziewski The Uyghurs: Continue Reading →

Hinckley forum discusses Turkish minority’s lack of rights in China

Originally published by Daily Utah Chronicle,24 Sept 2010 By Andreas Rivera Editor’s note: The

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Who Are Remaining Prisoners In Guantánamo? Part Three: Captured Crossing From Afghanistan Into Pakistan

Originally published by Eurasia Review,22 Sept 2010 Written by Andy Worthington This third Continue Reading →

Are ‘Minority’ Languages Safe?

Originally published by RFA, 22 Sept 2010 By Woeser An outspoken poet believes Chinese

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