King to speak up while in China

News In English, 14 October 2018

By Nina Berglund – The monarch, who is on a state visit to China along with Queen Sonja, was asked by Norwegian reporters how he felt about Chinese officials’ treatment of China’s Uyghur minority in the country. Recent reports from the UN about how Uyghurs have been rounded up and forcibly placed in “re-education” camps have sparked concerns around the world.

“We who come from the West are very concerned about human rights,” King Harald said during a press briefing over the weekend in Dunhuang. “We will have a dialogue with China about this, and I will certainly take the opportunity to bring this up.” King Harald is scheduled to meet with the Chinese president in Beijing on Tuesday.

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China is trying to erase the Uighurs and their culture

Al Jazeera, 13 October 2018

By Rukiye Turdush – Just imagine what it would be like if armed security forces stormed into your home, arrested your loved ones, put them in a concentration camp, and took away your children. This is what happened to the family of 44-year-old Turghunjan, who I met while on a visit to Turkey to interview Uighur refugees.

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The Leaders Who Unleashed China’s Mass Detention of Muslims

The NewYork Times, 13 October 2018

By Chris Buckley – Rukiya Maimaiti, a local propaganda official in China’s far west, warned her colleagues to steel themselves for a wrenching task: detaining large numbers of ethnic Uighurs and other Muslim minorities.

The Chinese government wanted to purge the Xinjiang region of “extremist” ideas, she told her co-workers, and secular Uighurs like themselves had to support the campaign for the good of their people.

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Weekly Brief October 12

World Uyghur Congress, 12 October 2018

WUC Welcomes the release of Uyghur Asylum Seekers from Malaysia

This week, the World Uyghur Congress issued a press release welcoming the recent release of 11 Uyghur asylum seekers in Malaysia to a safe third country after nearly five years of being detained without charge in immigration detention facilities in Thailand and Malaysia.

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Malaysia defies China by freeing 11 detained Uighurs, despite handover request

Hong Kong Free Press, 12 October 2018

By AFP – Malaysia has freed 11 ethnic Uighur Muslims who escaped from immigration detention in Thailand, their lawyer said Friday, ignoring a request from Beijing to deport the group to China.

In the dramatic breakout last November, 25 members of the persecuted minority used blankets to climb out of their cells in a daring pre-dawn escape from immigration detention in southern Thailand.

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Uyghurs, Legal Experts Dismiss Chinese Legal Move to Justify Re-education Camps

Radio Free Asia, 11 October 2018

By Mamatjan Juma and Alim Seytoff – A move this week by China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR) to amend a 2017 counterterrorism law to provide a legal justification for detaining as many as a million Uyghurs in political re-education camps was dismissed on Thursday as misleading and a violation of China’s constitution.

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China’s War On Islam: Dolkun Isa Escaped Xinjiang and Interpol to Defend Uyghur Existence

albawaba, 11 October 2018

By Ty Joplin — A Uyghur from Xinjiang, a province in northwestern China, Isa is one of the most prominent voices in the international community advocating for Uyghur and Kazakh rights; minority groups that are now being systematically monitored and jailed en masse.

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Nury Turkel and the Uyghur plight

supchina, 11 October 2018

By Kaiser Kuo – This week on Sinica, Kaiser and Jeremy are joined by Nury Turkel, a prominent voice in the overseas Uyghur community and the chairman of the Uyghur Human Rights Project, now based in Washington, D.C.

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