China Breaks Silence on Muslim Detention Camps, Calling Them ‘Humane’

The NewYork Times, 16 October 2018 By Chris Buckley – Under mounting international criticism, Continue Reading →

How the Chinese government destroyed Kashgar, fulcrum of the Silk Road

Reaction, 5 October 2018 By Rose Cecil – A few months ago the Bangkok to Tbilisi

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China: Children Caught in Xinjiang Crackdown

Human Rights Watch, 16 October 2018 By HRW – The Chinese government should release to their families

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Nikki Haley blasts China, calls government ‘straight out of George Orwell’

Fox News, 16 October 2018 By Lucas Tomlinson, Samuel Chamberlain – U.S. Ambassador to the United

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Prominent Uyghur Publisher Arrested, Under Investigation

Radio Free Asia, 15 October 2018 By Shohret Hoshur – A senior Uyghur publishing executive and Continue Reading →

Malaysia’s Mahathir: Uighurs freed because they did nothing wrong

Al Jazeera, 15 October 2018 By AJ – Malaysia freed 11 ethnic Uighur Muslims who fled

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King to speak up while in China

News In English, 14 October 2018 By Nina Berglund – The monarch, who is on a

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China is trying to erase the Uighurs and their culture

Al Jazeera, 13 October 2018 By Rukiye Turdush – Just imagine what it would be

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