Three Australians were detained in China’s re-education camps in the past year, DFAT reports

ABC, 25 October 2018 By Holly Robertson and Stephen Dziedzic – Three Australians were detained

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China’s Secret In The Desert

BBC, 24 October 2018 By John Sudworth – China is accused of locking up hundreds

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A young Uighur American cries out for justice

Religion News, 24 October 2018 By Yonat Shimron – Aydin Anwar was incensed. An editorial

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China’s reeducation camps for Muslims are begining to look like concentration camps

Vox, 24 October 2018 By Alexia Fernández Campbell – The Chinese government recently admitted that

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China’s Government Has Ordered a Million Citizens to Occupy Uighur Homes. Here’s What They Think They’re Doing.

China File, 24 October 2018 By Darren Byler – Often, the big brothers and sisters

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Inside China’s internment camps: tear gas, Tasers and textbooks

Agence France-Presse, 24 October 2018 By Johannes EISELE – On state television, the vocational Continue Reading →

Standing Up to China on Human Rights: The Case of the Uyghurs

Middle East Institute, 23 October 2018 By Vanessa Frangville, Hacer Z. Gonul & Julius Continue Reading →


Bitter Winter, 23 October 2018 By Li Zaili – In September 2015, Barat (pseudonym) and his

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