Han Chinese Offered Triple Salary of Uyghurs in Xinjiang Police Recruitment Drive

Radio Free Asia, 18 April 2017


RFA Uyghur Service — Ethnic Uyghur police officers in northwestern China’s Xinjiang Region are being paid less than a third of salaries offered as part of a recent recruitment drive for majority Han Chinese security personnel from other parts of the country, according to sources.

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China punishes Xinjiang official for refusing to smoke near Muslim elders

South China Morning Post, 2 April 2017


Associated Press — Authorities in China’s Xinjiang region have punished a local official for declining to smoke in front of Muslim elders, seeing that as a sign he was insufficiently committed to the region’s fight against religious extremism, according to a government report and state media on Tuesday.

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Fellow Uighurs should beware of ‘two-faced’ people in separatism fight, official says

Reuters, 12 April 2017


By Philip Wen — A senior Uighur Communist Party official in China’s far-western Xinjiang has urged Uighur cadres to reveal “two-faced people” and “clean them out”, the latest in a string of senior figures to single out their own ethnic group in the restive region.

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“Government propaganda makes Chinese people think that Uyghurs deserve to be suppressed and killed”

Nationalia, 2 April 2017


By David Forniès & Ada Domingo Ferrer — Rebiya Kadeer is probably the best-known activist —at least in the Western world— of the Uyghur national movement. A former entrepreneur and philanthropist, Kadeer held several official positions in China during the 1990s. Everything changed in 1999, when she was arrested and sentenced to prison, officially for having passed on secret information to foreigners.

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China’s Assault on Race and Religion: Misunderstood and Underreported

Taiwan Sentinel, 12 April 2017


By In early April, new laws meant to curb religious extremism were passed in China’s northwestern autonomous region of Xinjiang. A list was released of 15 new behaviors that are viewed as extremism, such as wearing a veil or growing abnormal beards, without specifying what “abnormal” means. It is now also illegal for the Muslim Uyghur minority to refuse to watch Chinese state television or not listen to state radio.

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Xinjiang Police Search Uyghur Homes For ‘Illegal Items’

Radio Free Asia, 6 April 2017

rfa-en-06042017RFA Uyghur Service — Authorities in northwestern China’s Xinjiang region have begun searching the homes of mostly Muslim ethnic Uyghurs for “illegal items,” including religious materials and attire, after a deadline for handing in the contraband expired over the weekend, according to official sources.

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China official admonishes fellow Uighur cadres for ‘anti-terror’ failings

Reuters, 6 April 2017


By Christian Shepherd — A senior Uighur official in China’s restive western region of Xinjiang has admonished other Communist Party “cadres” from the mostly Muslim Uighur minority for failing to pull their weight in the fight against terrorism, state media said.

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Uighur Heartland Turned Into Security State

Reuters, 31 March 2017


By Three times a day, alarms ring out through the streets of China’s ancient Silk Road city of Kashgar, and shopkeepers rush out of their stores swinging government-issued wooden clubs.

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