New claims of Chinese oppression against Uyghur people

World Bulletin, 21 April 2017


World Bulletin — In recent months, China’s new practices have brought them back under the spotlight of Human rights organizations as well as those who are protecting the Human Rights accord. Reports emerging from the Uyghur Autonomous Region has stated that there have been tens of thousands of arrests in recent times with many executions without a trial.

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China Bans ‘Extreme’ Islamic Baby Names Among Xinjiang’s Uyghurs

Radio Free Asia, 20 April 2017


By Xin Lin — Chinese authorities in the northwestern region of Xinjiang have banned dozens of baby names with religious meanings that are widely used by Muslims elsewhere in the world, RFA has learned.

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Pak’s indifference to Muslim oppression in China ‘alarming’

ANI, 20 April 2017

ANI — Pakistan turning a deaf ear and going cold turkey in dealing with China’s repression unleashed on its Muslim community is nothing short of alarming, as even the state media besides the Nawaz Sharif-led government is looking at this development the other way according to an analysis in the Kashmir Images.

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China: EU Should Raise Rights Crisis on Visit

Human Rights Watch, 19 April 2017


Human Rights Watch — The European Union foreign policy chief should speak out publicly and privately about the deteriorating human rights situation in China, Human Rights Watch said today in a letter to High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini.

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Uyghur Village Cadre Dismissed For Holding Islamic Wedding Vows at Home

Radio Free Asia, 19 April 2017


By Mihray Abdilim — An ethnic Uyghur cadre in northwestern China’s Xinjiang region has been fired from her post for holding her wedding ceremony at home according to Islamic traditions instead of at a government-sanctioned venue, local officials and residents said.

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Authorities Urge Kyrgyz Herdsmen to Spy on Uyghurs in China’s Xinjiang

Radio Free Asia, 18 April 2017


RFA Uyghur Service — Local authorities are urging Kyrgyz herdsmen in the mountains of a far-western prefecture in northwestern China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region to report suspicious people and events to the government in a new move to move to monitor Muslim Uyghurs in the restive area.

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Han Chinese Offered Triple Salary of Uyghurs in Xinjiang Police Recruitment Drive

Radio Free Asia, 18 April 2017


RFA Uyghur Service — Ethnic Uyghur police officers in northwestern China’s Xinjiang Region are being paid less than a third of salaries offered as part of a recent recruitment drive for majority Han Chinese security personnel from other parts of the country, according to sources.

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China punishes Xinjiang official for refusing to smoke near Muslim elders

South China Morning Post, 2 April 2017


Associated Press — Authorities in China’s Xinjiang region have punished a local official for declining to smoke in front of Muslim elders, seeing that as a sign he was insufficiently committed to the region’s fight against religious extremism, according to a government report and state media on Tuesday.

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