Request for information related to July 5 unrest and subsequent detentions

The Uyghur Human Rights Project is collecting first- and second-hand accounts from Uyghurs in the diaspora regarding human rights abuses that took place on and after July 5, 2009, related to the July 5 unrest in Urumchi. If you or someone you know personally have information regarding repression or abuses related to July 5, including arbitrary detentions of family members or friends, please contact UHRP so that we can document this information and include it in an upcoming report. If you are willing, we may ask you to come in for a research interview, or, if that is not possible, conduct an interview by telephone.

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Uyghurs demonstrate in Brussels in front of the Chinese Embassy

5 February 2010

Uyghurs held a demonstration in front of the Chinese Embassy in Brussels to commemorate the anniversary of their revolt of 5th February 1997 and the Ghulja massacres by the Chinese authorities.

Demonstrators held banners demanding:


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‘Returning Refugees: Extradition to Torture’ UNPO Panel in Rome

UNPO, 4 February 2010


UNPO — This Friday 5th February, UNPO will be hosting a conference on the topic of non-refoulement of refugees in the Chamber of Deputies in Rome. The conference has been organised as part of the 8th Session of the UNPO Presidency.

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Demonstration in Munich in commemoration of the 13 anniversary of the Ghulja massacre

Published on 3 February 2010

The East Turkestan Union in Europe (ETUE) will hold a rally in response to the call of the World Uyghur Congress (WUC) to commemorate the 13th anniversary of the Ghulja massacre and to condemn the ongoing brutal Chinese crackdown against the Uyghur people in East Turkestan. The protest will be held on February 5, 2010 from 2:30 pm to 4:00 pm in front of the Chinese General Consulate in at Romanstr. 107. 80639 Munich.

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Rebiya Kadeer Ends European Tour with a Productive Visit to the Netherlands

UNPO news / Tuesday, 15 December 2009

During a one-day visit to The Netherlands, Ms Kadeer discussed the Chinese suppression of the Uyghur people with human rights organizations, Dutch Members of Parliament, the press and academic experts.

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Demonstration at 16:40 (10 Dec 2009) on Odeonsplatz in Munich

10 December 2009 is the 61st Anniversary of the International Human Rights day

The Uyghur community in Munich is mobilizing to denounce the daily violation of the fundamental rights of the minorities, by the People’s Republic of China.

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European Parliament resolution on China: minority rights and application of the death penalty

European Parliament, 26 November 2009

The European Parliament,

–    having regard to its resolutions of 1 February 2007  and 27 September 2007  in favour of a universal moratorium on the death penalty,

–    having regard to Resolutions 62/149  and 63/168  on the moratorium on the use of the death penalty, adopted by the UN General Assembly on 18 December 2007 and 18 December 2008 respectively,

–    having regard to the declarations by the Presidency of the Union of, respectively, 29 October 2009 regarding the executions of two Tibetans, Mr Lobsang Gyaltsen and Mr Loyak, and 12 November 2009 regarding the executions of nine persons of Uighur ethnicity following the riots of 5-7 July in Urumqi in the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region (XUAR),

–    having regard to Articles 35, 36 and 37 of the Constitution of the People’s Republic of China, which provide, respectively, that all citizens shall enjoy freedom of expression and freedom of religious belief, and deem the freedom of the person to be ‘inviolable’,

–    having regard to its previous resolutions on China and, in particular, to its resolution of 13 December 2007 on the EU-China Summit and the EU-China human rights dialogue,

–    having regard to the EU-China seminar of 18-19 November 2009 and the 20 November 2009 round of the EU-China human rights dialogue,

–    having regard to the round of the EU-China human rights dialogue held in Prague on 14 May 2009,

–    having regard to the forthcoming EU-China Summit to be held on 30 November 2009 in Nanjing,

–    having regard to Rule 122(5) of its Rules of Procedure,

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UNPO issues letter with urgency securing support from the European Parliament for a safe release of the currently detained Mr. Dolkun Isa, Secretary General of the World Uyghur Congress (WUC).

UNPO, 16 September 2009

Dear MEP,

Re: Detention of Mr. Dolkun Isa (Secretary General, World Uyghur Congress)

It is with urgency that I must inform you of the detention of Mr. Dolkun Isa by the domestic security forces of South Korea upon his arrival in the country to attend the World Forum for Democratization in Asia (WFDA) in Seoul.

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