Chinese Landlord Rents to Uyghurs, is Arrested on ‘Terror’ Charge

Radio Free Asia, 14 August 2018

By Kurban Niyaz – Police in central China’s Henan province have arrested a Chinese landlord who rented his home to three ethnic Uyghurs without approval from the police, charging him with violating “safety precautions” under a provision of China’s Counter-Terrorism Law.

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How The World Learned China Is Holding Over A Million Muslims In Internment Camps

Huffington Post, 15 August 2018

By Akbar Shahid Ahmed – United Nations human rights experts made global headlines in a session that concluded Monday when they said they believe China is holding 1 million members of a Muslim minority group in secret prison camps.

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Canada’s quiet diplomacy imperils thousand of Uyghurs

The Globe and Mail, 15 August 2018

By Amira Elghawaby – The Canadian government should have seen this coming.

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We can’t ignore this brutal cleansing in China

Washington Post, 14 August 2018

By Washington Post Editorial Board – FOR THE past 18 months, China has conducted a massive campaign against Muslim- minority communities in its vast western Xinjiang region, including confining up to 1 million people in concentration camps. It has managed to do this in virtual secrecy, with little attention, few complaints and less pressure from the outside world. The past several days have seen some hopeful signs that this impunity finally may be challenged — as it must be.

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Chinese Police Are Spying on Uighurs—on American Soil

Daily Beast, 14 August 2018

By Bethany Allen-Fbrahimian – A major human rights crisis is unfolding in northwestern China, according to the United Nations, which said last week that there were credible reports that the Chinese government is holding one million or more ethnic minorities in secretive detention camps.

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UN Rights Panel Grills China Over Mass Detention of Uyghurs

Radio Free Asia, 10 August 2018

By RFA Uyghur Service – The United Nations’ Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) expressed concerns over China’s mass internment of ethnic Uyghurs and restrictions on their religious freedom as it convened Friday to examine whether the country complies with its convention.

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Xinjiang Political ‘Re-Education Camps’ Treat Uyghurs ‘Infected by Religious Extremism’: CCP Youth League

Radio Free Asia, 8 August 2018

By RFA Uyghur Service – An official Chinese Communist Party recording recently obtained by RFA’s Uyghur Service characterizes Uyghurs who have been sent for political “re-education” as “infected by an ideological illness”—not unlike a disease that must be treated at a hospital. The 12-minute Uyghur language audio recording issued in October 2017 offers a rare glimpse into Beijing’s justification for its network of political “re-education camps” used since April 2017 to jail or detain Uyghurs accused of harboring “strong religious views” and “politically incorrect” ideas in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR).

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Bitter Winter, 6 August 2018

By Bitter Winter – Bitter Winter reported in July that the Chinese Communist Party had repurposed the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Xigebi, Kumul city in Xinjiang for a “transformation through education camp.” According to our sources, due to the increasing number of detained Muslims, the Center has become overcrowded, and the authorities had transferred some of the detainees to new locations.

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