“Studies” in Prison: Staff Member Uncovers Details of a Xinjiang Camp

Bitter Winter, 27 November 2018 By Bitter Winter – The camp employee agreed to speak to

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Why Trump Probably Won’t Address China’s Human Rights Violations In His Meeting With Xi Jinping

Pacific Standard, 27 November 2018 By Massoud Hayoun – The upcoming Continue Reading →

Woman describes torture, beatings in Chinese detention camp

Associated Press, 27 November 2018 By Maria Danilova – A member of the Uighur minority on

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Kyrgyzstan: Officials muted in first words on Xinjiang crackdown

Eurasianet, 27 November 2018 By Eurasianet – Kyrgyzstan’s first reaction to reports that ethnic Continue Reading →

China-EU Panelists Face Awkward Human-Rights Question in Hamburg

Bloomberg, 26 November 2018 By Xiaoqing Pi – An uncomfortable question at Europe-China forum in Continue Reading →

Muslims Pushed to the Fringes of Housing Market

Bitter Winter, 25 November 2018 By Li Zaili – Any advert regarding housing that one might

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Chinese govt forcibly places one million informants in homes of Uighur Muslims to spy, report back

The Blaze, 25 November 2018 By Teri Webster – The Chinese government forcibly placed more than

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One million Chinese people to move into Muslim homes to report about “unpatriotic beliefs”

5 Pillars UK, 25 November 2018 By 5 Pillars – American anthropologist Darren Byler said they were

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