The World Uyghur Congress is a democratic organization. All leaders are elected by delegates from all over the world at each General Assembly and serve a three-year term. The World Uyghur Congress has close contacts and working relationships with most Uyghur organizations around the world that peacefully promote the human rights, religious freedom and democracy for the Uyghur people in East Turkestan.

Position Representative
Special Leader Rebiya Kadeer (USA)
President Mr Dolkun Isa (Germany)
Vice-President Mr Perhat Muhammed (Germany)
Mr Erkin Ekrem (Turkey)
Chairman of the Executive Committee Mr Omer Kanat (USA)
Vice Chairman of the Executive Committee Mr Semet Abla (Turkey)
Mr Erkin Exmet (Kazakhstan)
Secretary Dr Erkin Emet (Turkey)
Spokesperson Mr Dilshat Rishit (Sweden)
Inspector Generally Mr. Ablikim Idris (Germany)
Inspector Polat Sayim, Perhat Yaqup
Director of Communication Mr Ekrem Hezim (Germany)
Treasurer Mr Abdujelil Emet (USA)
Director of the Human Rights Committee Ms Zubayra Shamseden (USA)
Director of Internal Affairs Mr Hamit Göktürk (Turkey)
Director of China Affairs Mr Ilshat Hassan (USA)
Director of Cultural Affairs Mr Zaidin Tursun (Netherlands)
Director of the Committee for Religious Affairs Mr Turghunjan Alawdun (Germany)
Director of the Committee for Women Ms Amangül Aziz (Australia)
Director of the Youth Committee Mr Kuerban Haiyuer (Germany)
Director of Environmental Affairs Mr Enver Tohti (UK)
Director of Publication Center Mr Abdujelil Turan (Germany)
Director of the Refugees Center Mr Memet Tohti (Canada)
Director of Research Center Mr Enwer Ehmet (Turkey)
Director of Education Center Ms Dilnara Kassymova (Kazakhstan)
Representative for East Asia and the Pacific Ilham Mahmut
Representative for Kyrgyzstan Rozmuhammed Abdulbakive